World Cup by Ooredoo | Säbel | männlich | Senior | Individual | Alger (ALG)

Date: 17.11.2018 16:19 | Martin Schreiber

World Cup by Ooredoo

Säbel männlich Senior Individual

Location ALG Alger
Date 17.November 2018 - 16.November 2018
Starters 161 present / 161 Total
Time schedule
Call 00:00
Begin 00:00


Premier tour
Type Pools
Exempt 16
Number of pools 21
Seeding FIE-Rules
moved by Nation
Hits and times 5 Hits | 3:00 min
Promoted to next round 112
By Index (all equals are qualified)
This round is taken into account for direct elimination seeding.
Élimination directe
Type Direct elimination
Direct elimination mode

Table of 128 preliminary World Cup

World Cup
preliminary table of 128
main table table of 64
places 1-16 by drawing lots in pairs
places 17-32 fencers who have the highest indices after the round of pools
for place 32 barrage by 5 hits
places 33-64 fencers qualified by preliminary table in order of the indices after first round
Finale of 4

Hits and times 15 Hits | 3 x 3:00 min | 1:00 min


Reno Marolt - Observateur FIE
Katsumi Yamaguchi - Délègue d'arbitrage

Ahmed Gana - Président de Directoire Technique
Khadiija Zerabib - Membre de Directoire Technique
Islam Bilel Hadi - Membre de Directoire Technique