Last transmission: 08.10.2021 22:49 | Belgium Fencing Federation

Present 31
Total 32
Call 09:00
Begin 09:30


Premier tour
Type Pools
Exempt 0
Number of pools 5
Seeding FIE-Rules
Moved by Club
Hits and times 5 Hits | 3:00 min
Promoted to next round 32
Advance by Index (all equals are qualified)
This round is taken into account for direct elimination seeding.
Type Direct elimination
Direct elimination mode Table of 32 with repechage
Table of 32 with repechage
Rematches in DE 32 will be avoided if possible
No decalage by nation or club
Fencer which have lost twice in DE are eliminated
Seeding of repechage by indice after pool
Table of 8 without repechage
Final of 4
Hits and times 15 Hits | 3 x 3:00 min | 1:00 min


Camille YETTOU
Frédéric FENOUL